prof. Wojciech Paprocki


prof. Wojciech Paprocki

My name is                  Wojciech Paprocki
I was born                   on 17th of April 1956 in Warsaw

I graduated from        the 2nd Secondary School in Warsaw in 1974
                                    the Warsaw School of Economics - SGH (formerly the
                                    Main School of Planning and Statistics - SGPiS) the Faculty
                                    of the Economics and Organisation of Transport in 1979

Teaching posts
and scientific path
      from 1979 Assistant, Professor's Assistant and Docent in the Department of                                                 Transport at SGPiS
                                    Ph. D. thesis titled "Methods of evaluation of the economic effectiveness of on                                             the inland waterways transport" in 1985
                                    between 1992-1995 Associate Professor in the Department of Logistics at SGH
                                    since 1995 Associate Professor in the Department of Transport at SGH
                                    since 2001 Head of the Department of Economics of Transport Enterprise SGH
                                    February 2005 title Professor of Economics

                                    Since 2018 Head of the Department of Transport at SGH Warsaw School                                                       of Economics
                                    supervisor of six Ph.D. theses, numerous master's and bachelor's theses

and research work
     author of several books and over 70 publications in Polish, English, German,                                               Russian and Chinese

                                    active participation in many research projects (national and international):
                                    :: OBET research projects
                                    :: SGH research projects
                                    :: eBusi-Net in joint co-operation with the University of Duisburg

                                    between 2002-2004 leader of KBN (State Committee for Scientific Research)                                               Project "The impact of demonopolization and consolidation in transport on

                                    its effectiveness"

                                    since November 2005 SGH team leader of 6th FP "SMMART" (System for Mobile                                             Maintenance Accessible in Real Time)

                                    author of papers delivered at national and international conferences. More...

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